Come be a part of a community effort to improve your quality of life! We work hard to stay consistent, keep you challenged and most of all...have FUN! Life is so much better when you feel good because you've exercised, challenged your body and mind, and feel that sense of accomplishment for your efforts! Check out our BCfit Boot Camp, BCfit Teen Fitness in the CLASSES tab for details! If you'd like to have something like this in your community, contact us! Hope to see you in a community boot camp workout near you soon!

boot camp

Work out with the freedom of not being tied to a facility or a scheduled appointment. Our professionals will keep you in great form with a virtual plan you can access from any mobile device. 

It's time to go move that body. There's no excuse -- we have plenty of boot camp classes to fit your busy lifestyle! 

Is nutrition your nemesis? If you're anything like 64% of the is. We can help in a variety of ways for you to get a handle on what you need to do!

Great combination of strengthening, mobility and flexibility that is all based on your level!


Athletic performance improvement at its best! Great for Spartan and Mud Run prep!